Elite Junior Tennis Programs
for players aged 3-16.

Expert coaching to help accelerate your child’s skills, abilities, and all-round game,

so they can become the best player they can be.



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Success Starts Here

Whether your child is looking for a fun environment to experience tennis for the first time, or is striving to be the next Ash Barty, it starts with coaching.

Finding a skilled coach is the first and perhaps most critical step on your child’s tennis journey.

At iTennis Academy we offer you access to:

- A team of 18 highly skilled coaches

- Expert guidance to advance your child’s skills, abilities, and love of the game

- A carefully crafted development roadmap

- A safe, fun, and inclusive playing environment

- An elite tennis pathway


Tennis and Your Child

Whether your child likes, loves or lives for tennis, we offer a range of programs
to ensure maximum enjoyment and success.


If your child is looking for fun and fitness, we offer a safe learning experience. Each week they will participate in a small group lesson as their coach encourages them to develop new skills, create new friendships, and build their confidence.


If your child wants to accelerate their progress and develop their game, we provide the opportunity to work in a small group as well as do private lessons with their coach. Here, players receive personalised guidance on how to master the six fundamentals of the game as they grow their court craft.


For children dreaming of playing tennis at the highest possible level we offer an elite pathway where they will be invited to participate in our squad program, with dedicated high-performance coaching to build their game and give them the best chance of reaching their playing goals.


Learn From The Best

Chris Singh is the founder and head of coaching at the iTennis Academy. The former Number 1 Australian Junior player in singles and doubles, and top 100 ITF singles and top 15 ITF doubles, Chris knows what it takes to reach the top in junior tennis.

All the coaches in the iTennis Academy are handpicked by Chris and trained in what is known as the “Singh Method”. A structured coaching method that helps young players develop a powerful all-round game built on their personal strengths.


"Since moving to the iTennis Coaching Academy 4 years ago, we have both been moving up the NSJTA grades quite quickly. The energy, knowledge, fun and care that the coaches bring to every lesson makes us keep coming back! One program that has really helped us lately has been the squad sessions. It brings a high intensity that incorporates live hitting, matchplay and fitness to get us ready for match day "

Dylan & Christy-Ann Dudok-Sabo

Your Childs Tennis Journey

Stage 1.

Hot Shots for players 3-12

By following our unique player journey map and certificate system, you and your child can monitor and track their development. This carefully crafted program ensures all our players develop essential tennis skills and self-confidence. As they reach each new milestone they are rewarded, making the development of new skill an exciting achievement the whole family can celebrate.

Stage 2.


As players master the fundamentals of the game, we encourage them to move into playing competition. This is the fastest and most effective way for them to develop their full court game. They will enjoy the challenge of being pitted against opponents at a similar level of ability and develop essential skills like sportsmanship, graciousness, and resilience.

Stage 3.


A high-performance environment, squads are by invitation only. Once a child has been recognised by one of team of coaches as having the skills, abilities, and desire to take their game to a higher level we will extend an invitation for them to join a squad.


We are on a mission.

At iTennis we are committed to supporting every player to achieve the maximum level of success. Whether they aspire to simply be able to hold a social game of tennis with friends or are driven to play at the highest level. We offer a fun, safe, and inclusive environment to help them make their tennis dream a reality.


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