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Behaviour and discipline

If the coach believes the child is acting in a way that distracts or causes conflict among children in the group, coaches reserve the right to ask a child to sit down during a lesson after giving them two warnings.


If a child continues to misbehave, we will set up a meeting with the child and their parents to discuss solutions to the behavioural problem. If a child’s behaviour continues to distract the rest of the group after the meeting, then iTennis Coaching Academy reserves the right to ask that child to leave the program without a refund. 

Class changes mid-term

Once allocated a class time and day, you are placed into that class thereafter. Once participants are booked into a suitable standard class, it is expected that they will remain in the same class. If, however, you must change the time or day of your class mid term please contact your coach directly or call us on 0466 021 762. We cannot guarantee an alternative suitable class can be found at a time and day for you. Therefore please try to be flexible with your alternatives times so that we may offer you a suitable class.



We aim to progress all players into playing competitive tennis. Please speak to one of our coaches regarding the range of competitions on offer.


Credit policy

Credit will only be given for participants who have a long-term injury/illness that prevents attendance at classes for three consecutive weeks or more. To be eligible you must submit a signed medical certificate. Once pupils resume, the pro rata amount of credit you are eligible for may be used for the following terms' coaching. Credit can only be used for the same person and program that you originally booked in for and cannot be transferred from one sibling to another.


No credit will be given for discontinuing classes during the term. Once payment has been received for a term booking, participants will forfeit their payment if they decide to discontinue classes for the remainder of the term. We do not allow participants to stop mid-term and transfer payment to another term.



To enrol into any of our programs, complete the online enrolment form. You can also contact us on 0466 021 762 or Our classes are very popular and have regular participants so make sure you book early to secure your place. You can enrol into any of our programs at any stage of the year. If it’s after a term has started, fees will be calculated at a pro rata rate.



We have loan racquets available for your child to use during the lesson. It is strongly recommended that children have their own racquet for tennis lessons.


We have a large range of racquets available, starting from $5 with the special introductory offer. It is important that the racquet is the correct size and weight as well as for the appropriate level. Our coaches will be able to offer assistance in choosing the right racquet for you or your child.


We also have a range of clothing, apparel and other accessories available.


Fees and bookings

An invoice will be given to each player on the third last week of every term. To confirm and retain a player’s spot for the following term, payment must be received by the due date on the invoice.


There are no refunds under any circumstances.


Bookings are only confirmed once fees are paid. Therefore, participants who do not pay fees by the due date may lose their class time to a new student over the holidays or from our waiting list. Your class booking is ongoing from term to term.


If you are not returning for the following term, we request you call us or let your coach know so that we can organise for new players to come into our programs. Students who have not paid by the due date will receive an SMS to enquire what you intend doing for the following term. We do this to confirm bookings and to prepare coach rosters, class ratios, hire courts and other logistics for the next term.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0466 021 762. 


Late fee

If your spot in the program is still available in the following term and you are returning back, a late fee of $15 will be incurred if your fees are not received by the second week of that term.


Make up lesson policy

Group lessons


There are only make-ups lessons for group lessons if:

  • The lesson is unable to go ahead due to extreme heat or wet weather. We will be in touch regarding a make up class if this happens.

  • You notify your coach or an iTennis staff 24hrs prior to your group lesson. No make-up lessons will be given for late cancellations.


Participants are entitled to a maximum of 3 make-up lessons per term and all make-up lessons must be taken in the term that they occur and do not accrue from term to term. It is not possible to deduct missed lessons from your account (our costs e.g. Wages, balls, court hire, insurance remain the same).


Squad lessons


There are no make-up lessons for missed squads. Squads are always on regardless of weather. It is not possible to deduct missed lessons from your account as our costs (e.g. wages, balls, court hire, insurance) remain the same.


Private lessons


There are no scheduled make up classes for private lessons. But your coach will do their best to organise a make up class during the week if you would like a lesson that week. Please ask for your coach’s mobile number. If you are unable to attend, please give a minimum of six hours to your coach. If no notice is received by your class start time, 50 per cent of your coaching fees may be charged the following week. Please understand that this covers part of the cost of fees to coaches, court hire, etc. If your lesson should be washed out, your coach will contact you directly.


Parent/guardian involvement and responsibilities

Parents and guardians are encouraged to stay and watch the lesson from outside the tennis courts. We do not encourage parents to shout out to their kids. Please address your coach directly if you have an issue or message to pass on to your child. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that students are dropped off and picked up on time for lessons. In the event of being picked up late, students must be told to wait in viewing distance of the coach. Students should not be told to wait in the car park.


Player attire

Suitable clothing and footwear should be worn during all tennis sessions. Appropriate sun protection is strongly encouraged as well as a drink to stay hydrated.


Promotional policy

By enrolling into our programs you authorise the iTennis Coaching Academy the right to use images (photos, videos) of you participating in the program strictly for promotional purposes only.


Public holidays and long weekends

Classes will always run over public holidays or long weekends unless you are notified otherwise.


Who can play

We coach children from as young as three years old. Children of this age are usually able to concentrate and respond to training games for up to half an hour. We make the sessions fun, stimulating and interactive.


We coach anyone from three years old and onwards. We coach everyone of all levels, and are also inclusive to any disabilities.


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