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ANZ Hot Shots

ANZ Hot Shots is Tennis Australia’s official starter program.  It is designed to provide children a staged process of developing the fundamentals of the game. 

At iTennis, our experienced coaching team run a tailored version of the program for ages 3-12. Our unique approach ensures accelerated learning in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. Our Hot Shots Program is delivered in three phases with phase divided into 3 distinct stages of development.

By the completion of their Hot Shots journey, players will be ready to transition into accelerated development squads, and competition play.  

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Phase 1. Little Aces


Phase one is about having fun and discovering the basics of tennis. Every lesson is an adventure. This introductory-level is perfect for developing fundamental motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and the basic technical foundations of a great game. Each class is 30-minutes in duration.

Phase 2. Mid-Court Masters 7-9yo


In phase two players are guided through the essential skills so they can develop a complete technical repertoire. Playing on a ¾ court, players learn how to create spin on the ball and develop shot accuracy. Players also discover the basics of net play and the confidence to approach the net during play. Each class is 45-minutes in duration.

Phase 3. Grand Slammers


In the final phase of the program players work on their full court game. They will be coached in the technical and tactical elements of the game. In this phase they will also be introduced to the mental and physical attributes necessary to build a strong all-round game. Each class is 45-minutes in duration.

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