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Want to become the best tennis player you can be?

iTennis Coaching Academy helps you maximise your talent. Our proven step-by-step process will accelerate your development, so you can become the best tennis player you can be.

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"Since moving to the iTennis Coaching Academy 4 years ago, we have both been moving up the NSJTA grades quite quickly. The energy, knowledge, fun and care that the coaches bring to every lesson makes us keep coming back! One program that has really helped us lately has been the squad sessions. It brings a high intensity that incorporates live hitting, matchplay and fitness to get us ready for match day "

Dylan & Christy-Ann Dudok-Sabo

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Caroline Springs, Sydenham, Hillside, Arnolds Creek Tennis Club

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THURSDAY the 9th of DECEMBER, 2021

Sometimes bad weather means we have to cancel a class. When this happens we will schedule a make-up lesson.
(Please note: If date is not current, please assume lessons are running.)

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If you're an aspiring tennis champion or the parent of one, iTennis offers you a fun, fast way to grow your tennis skills from scratch, even from home!

We will show you the secret tips, tricks and training habits the top tennis professionals used as a beginner.

If you want to learn how to score, rally and grow your tennis knowledge in a fun way, grab a FREE copy of "The iTennis At Home" eBook today.

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